Weather satellite images in Asia

These satellite weather images show the daily the weather situation in all Asia; I hope you will find interesting the issue and also the tool. I have gathered together as much information as possible.
If you are wondering how is going on regarding weather situation in Asia and satellite images you got the right web page. I added several maps where you will find all the data of Asia about:

- Clouds IR
- Disturbances
- Currents Surfaces
- Temperatures
- Precipitations
- Winds
- Relative humidity

All the images are updated daily on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by

Clouds IR

Weather in Asia map
This infrared satellite weather image shows clouds by their temperature in Asia and Southeast Asia. The red areas indicate the hot and low clouds, the blue areas indicate cold and high clouds.


Atmospheric Disturbance map in Asia
This satellite weather image is an elaboration from the data received, it shows the main atmospheric disturbance over all Asia and Southeast Asia.

Currents Surfaces

Current Surface map in Asia
This current surface satellite weather image offers isobars and a surface analysis where is possible to locate frontal, high, and low currents.


Current Conditions in Asia map
This satellite weather image enhance color contour isotherms over Asia and Southeast Asia, lines of equal temperature in degrees Celcius, also the main cities are indicated along with prevailing weather icon, datas are updated hourly.


Observed Rainfall in Asia map
This rainfall satellite weather image offers a picture that shows 24 hour precipitation datas around Asia and Southeast Asia.


Current Wind in Asia map
This winds satellite weather image shows wind in kilometers per hour, color contoured every 5 knots, the main metropolitan areas are indicated and the data will be updated once a day.

Relative humidity

Relative Humidity in Asia map
This Relative Humidity satellite weather image shows where moist and dry conditions exist with actual relative humidity values at selected cities in Asia and Southeast Asia.